Chocolate Blue Studios

It's just me now...

What have you produced?

Well... nothing. In my defence, I'm new to this and there's something I'm actively working on right now.

So what *are* you working on?

A visual novel - "Where is this going?"; fantasy, adventure, maybe a bit of mystery?

It's about a highschool boy who gets trapped in a magical land.

If I had to write a blurb, it would probably go something like this:

What happens when you're forced to work with your biggest enemies, in a place that seems impossible to escape?

I'll figure it out when I get to it.

How far have you gotten?

The introduction has been finialized. The rest is yet to be written.

I wanted to create a base/prototype first before writing the rest of the story, both to aid in development and so that I can get used to Ren'py, figure out how to properly implement the story, etc.

Can I see the prototype?

Yes, you can see a prototype, but it's not the prototype that I'm currently working with... i.e. I've released my first prototype as a rough demo.

The demo below implements the first act of the story (the introduction, as mentioned above), and should only take a few minutes to complete.

Note that Mr. Robert's and Mr. Tatsuki's sprites have to be reworked, along with the audio; But the demo does get the general gist of things across.

Here are the download links. Feel free to share it around:

[ Linux ]     [ Windows ]     [ Mac ]

What will it look like when it's finished?

I made some practice art before we started. For the sprites, refer to the downloadable demo above.

lighhouse on the cliffs stream running through a forest

How much will it cost?

It's my first game, I'm planning to release it for free under CC-BY-SA; on itch.io, github, etc.

Then I'll accept donations, put a paid mobile version up on the play store (and maybe some other places) and maybe, if it gets popular enough, sell merchandise.

When will it be released?

Hard to tell...

We have to balance school and university, so... maybe sometime next year? Keep in touch. (^u^)

Well kcuf that, I've just realized how much goddamn work this is going to be...

My sister has gotten herself caught up in various "life things" so now I'm doing all the writing, programming, art, music, etc. by myself.

This is going to take at least two years (from 2020), at best.

How's development going? Any updates?

You can monitor the project's "heartbeat" on [ this page ].

It shows the dates when work I've done on the project has been formally recorded, along with a few hints on progress and the challenges faced.

How can I contact you?